Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Frieda Pickett contacted me and asked to place my memory of Coach Mayfield in her book GROWING UP IN BORGER. Here is the Table of Contents. Just reading through it brings up many memories. If something listed jogs your memory, share it with others by making comments. I could write a book on Mrs. Smock and her class. Purple memories!!!

Growing Up in Borger
Memories from people who grew up in Borger, TX during the 1950’s and 1960’s

Table of Contents


Class Reunions
1. History of Borger
2. Education in Borger:
a. East Ward, West Ward Weatherly, Central Elementary
b. Junior high education
c. Borger high school
3. Teachers we had (Mrs. Smock, Mrs. Vogel, Others)
4. Commerce in Borger
d. Barney’s pharmacy
e. Snack shack
f. Big Hearts
g. CafĂ©’s in Borger
h. Davis Chevrolet
i. Jim’s grocery
j. Lindsey’s furniture
k. Phillips 66 Station
l. Phillips Petroleum and Carbon Black


5. Walking Horse
6. Teen Town, American Legion Hall Club Dances
7. Post’s Drive Inn, and the others
8. Sutphen’s BarBQ and the others
9. Movie theaters
10. Buna Vista Apartments
11. Huber Camp
12. Borger Gassers


13. You know you’re from Borger…
14. The Big Snow
15. BurmaShave Signs
16. 9 foot rattlesnake
17. Roy Orbison comes to Borger
18. The day it rained mudballs
19. Do You remember….?
20. People remembered
21. Borger Wildfires
22. Where are they now?
23. Deceased list of graduates
Getting old

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